Like sands through the hourglass, these are the toys of our lives…

13 08 2010

One of the perks of this job is the toys we get to play with. Sometimes, when I’m having a hard day, smooshing up some play-doh really helps me to get my feelings out. You just have to make sure that kids don’t hog all the good stuff.

We recently were able to purchase some great new therapeutic toys for the office. Included in this were some delightful family figurines.

Their little faces just tell a story (as do their snazzy clothes.)

Here’s a nice elderly couple. Just enjoying a day of standing next to each other in matching tracksuits. Grandma, that is a stunning necklace! Please ignore the suspicious bulge in Grandpa’s pants.

“Hey guys. I was just going to read the paper and groom my ‘stache. I’ll be in the bathroom if anybody needs me.”

Watch out for her. She loves that ball. Like, LOOOVES that ball. And I’m pretty she crawls out of your TV if you watch this one video…

Grandma Rosa always has to have the latest handbag.

What the…Chester, you know you are not supposed to be within 30 feet of a playground!

“What have you got there?”
“Block. You?”
“This sucks.”

Ugh, don’t even talk to Janet. Look at her in that vest, thinking she’s better than everyone.

What does Rosa really carry around in that bag? What’s got Grandpa so…excited? Why is…Chester, dammit, I told you to get out of here! Tune in next week for more misadventures!




7 responses

14 08 2010
Jennifer T

“What have you got there?”
“Block. You?”
“This sucks.”


16 08 2010

This is tooooooooo funny!

16 08 2010

Thanks guys. I tried to do a live version during staff meeting…it didn’t go over that well.

3 10 2010
patty purviss

Wow, ha ha ha. Poor Chester. Social work has made me feel sorry for men with staches and naturally beady chimo eyes.

3 10 2010

The real problem is that he also bears a striking resemblance to our director.

24 01 2011

Janet totally looks like a social worker. With a folder filled with intake forms.

24 01 2011

I’m saving up for her vest.

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