Social Work Ruins Everything

12 10 2010

There, I said it. You know you were all thinking it.

I had a day off for Columbus Day yesterday. We don’t get paid terribly well, but the agency is pretty good about giving us meaningless holidays. (Or holidays that celebrate the slaughter of a people, if you want to get technical.)

I decided to finally watch “Gone With The Wind.” Somehow, I’ve never been able to sit through the four hour epic. I have family members who raved about it all my life, so I finally decided to see what the fuss was all about.

But social work ruined it.

I spent half of the movie wishing Scarlett would get into counseling. The domestic violence was shocking. Scarlett slaps everyone who will hold still long enough, and then puts up with Rhett knocking some sense into her through marital rape. (Ah, romance.)

Speaking of Scarlett and Rhett, can we say substance abuse? Those two liked their brandy, and they liked to drink alone. Not to mention the inadequate supervision that led to the death of their child. (Personally, I think naming a child “Bonnie Blue” should be grounds for terminating parental rights.)

Throw in a healthy smattering of sexism, (life is meaningless without a husband!) racism, (come on, those slaves were happy!) and the fact that I’m pretty sure Scarlett has a borderline personality, and there you have it. A social worker’s nightmare.

But it’s not just “Gone With The Wind.” Pop culture has gotten much more difficult to enjoy since getting my LMSW.

I felt left out upon noticing that my friends’ Facebook statuses were all about “Jersey Shore,” so I decided to check it out.

Big mistake. And not just due to my taking offense on behalf of the English language, and the entire east coast.

Sammi, you need DV counseling more than Scarlett. Let me call the hotline for you, they’ll pick you up and bring you to an undisclosed location. Ronnie will be upset, but he’ll get over it once he starts a new cycle of ‘roids cheats on you gets distracted by his own reflection gets into his individual counseling.

The Situation has a classic narcissistic personality disorder, and the entire house has fallen into a dangerous pattern of alcohol abuse. A visit to an open AA meeting could do these guys a world of good.

OK, so TV and movies are out. I mentioned my friends being on Facebook. That’s fun, right? Once I get beyond worrying that Mark Zuckerberg has Asperger’s, and if he could have benefitted from group therapy as a child?

No, because then my mind turns to cyber bullying. Facebook comes up a lot in sessions these days. Especially with young moms. Their baby daddy’s new girlfriend is always sending threatening messages, after my clients post incendiary photos or statuses.

My knowledge of Facebook privacy settings–limit their ability to view your profile! Block their status updates! Defriend! Defriend!–has become very important to my work.

Let’s try music. How about a concert?

Oh boy.

There are teenagers everywhere. Do we honestly think I can be surrounded by teens and avoid social working? They must all be in such conflict with their parents. Oh, identity vs identity diffusion! I hope their parents know where they are. Do any of these kids have PINS warrants? I bet some of them do. I’ll call my friend in family court, just to be safe. Hey, hey, hey, are you sexting, young lady?

This doesn’t leave much. At least the holidays are approaching, so I can spend some time with my extended family.

Shouldn’t be any opportunities for off-the-clock social working there.



13 responses

12 10 2010

It’s hard not to see everything through a social work lens, isn’t it? For me it comes and goes – sometimes I’m all “OMG clinical issue call SW911 STAT” and other times I’m all “Eh. People will be people.”

12 10 2010

Definitely. I try to keep it in check, and sometimes I’m completely successful. But then there are times that I can relate to Simon Pegg’s character in “Hot Fuzz”–not knowing how to turn off his inner police officer.

Thanks for reading!

12 10 2010

Am I detecting a hint of sarcasm in that last line there?

12 10 2010

Of course not! There is no enmeshment in our mothers and their sisters relationships whatsoever.

Anyway, isn’t this why we have wine at family events?

13 10 2010

We need an “eye-rolling” emoticon soooooooo badly! You mean family events where one sister doesn’t even get invited because the cousins simply CANNOT get along (ages 17 to 23, thank you very much). Or where my brother-in-law made yet ANOTHER comment about foisting their psycho-cat (as opposed to the really quiet nice one) on us because my husband is soooooo lonely with no pets (if he is soooooo lonely why doesn’t he get a job?!?!?!?!).

13 10 2010

Isn’t it funny how we’re supposed to help everyone else with their family issues? I hope this season goes a little better for you guys!

Though I must say, all of my family members get along perfectly. (Especially those who are loyal SocialJerk readers)

22 10 2010

I am finding less enjoyment in watching some movies and reading some novels all with good rating. All because of my social work lens… You are right: ruined by social work!! hahaha

One of my blogging friends, a writer, shared with me a short story about an elderly woman she and her husband met on the street. The lady apparently had a home but she kept wandering the streets and sometimes digging into trash cans, etc. This happened over 40 years ago. When I finished reading the story, I was so disgusted, and couldn’t understand why she won a prize with that story. “Dementia, neglect, malnutrition, endangerment, infection” were all words spinning in my head after the reading. And the worse part. The story ends when the couple finds out years later that the elderly woman was hit by a car, and died, “hopefully a quick death.” THE END :-/


28 10 2010

Sounds like my experience of going to see Jackass: 3D. (Yes, I did, please don’t judge.)

I think we need some kind of support group. Mutual aid, so we can learn to watch TV without planning interventions for the protagonists.

28 10 2010

I’m the social worker who angers my younger sister by pointing out all the relationship red flags in the twilight series. (manipulation and controlling anyone)

ok so really social work was only to blame the first time all subsequent discussion of unhealthy relationships in teen literature were prompted by knowing it would piss off my sister…which brings us to the family holidays…

28 10 2010

My Twilight hating rants are legendary. People I work with have been passing those books around, and I can’t even look at them.

Thanks for reading!

4 11 2010
Curtain Panels ·

i think that once in a while, we should do some social works too because we should help other people ~

3 12 2010
Mixer Shower

i have been a volunteer for 2 years on social works and this is a very exciting job for me “*”

3 12 2010


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