Happy Thanksgiving, ya ungrateful jerks!

24 11 2010

OK, that title was directed at me.

I complain a lot here. We all complain. It’s what keeps us social workers young (and good looking, I might add.)

But it’s that time of year in the US, when we gather with loved ones, eat dead birds, and watch Santa inexplicably get towed into Macy’s.

Oh, and take stock of what we’re grateful for. Here’s my list.

  • I have a job. (If you’re reading this, I hope you do as well, otherwise I’ll come off as more of a jerk than usual.) It’s a tough time, and a tough economy. Social services are usually the first thing to go. We’re eliminating all the unecessaries, and thus far, that isn’t me. Yay!
  • Today, I attended a school meeting. It was held in what is known as “The Situation Room.” Awesome.
  • Kids’ drawings. Need I say more?

Just in case I do–this is Megator. He gets picked on because he’s so much bigger than everyone. And he only hits bullies.

  • I closed a case successfully this month. The family was happy, and the mother told me how refreshing it was to have a social worker actually listen to her.
  • I get hugs from happy two year olds when I do home visits, and then I get to leave them with their moms.
  • Dealing with surly school secretaries who pretend not to see me when I am clearly standing directly in front of them makes me realize that my job is not so bad.
  • Getting hit on by gross men on the street gives me the opportunity to quote Janet Jackson regularly. “No my name ain’t baby…”
  • People in the Bronx are thoughtful. I was a little tired after a home visit today, and look at what was waiting outside for me:

Bedbugs are complimentary.

  • For every ten bad calls I get, about a teen being truant, a parent getting arrested, or a child being removed, there’s one good one. A mother calling to say her teenage daughter went to school on time. A young woman who thinks to call me from the hospital to let me know her child was just born. A kid who asks me to photocopy their social studies award, because they want it in their file.

This isn’t an easy job, but it’s what I studied, and what I signed on for. I’m fortunate to be able to practice. Hey, things could always be worse! What are you grateful for as a social worker this year?



4 responses

24 11 2010

We’re all thankful there are workers like you out there looking out for the families and kids 🙂

24 11 2010

Thank you! I also must remember to be thankful for the awesome support I receive from my fellow social workers, in person and via the interweb tubes 🙂

25 11 2010
Carolyn (from Canada)

I’m thankful that I’m Canadian (even if that means I celebrated Thanksgiving more than a month ago).

I’m thankful that the weather has finally improved (hate those highs of -30C).

I’m thankful that I too, am fully employed (and I love dealing with the families).

I’m thankful that my niece (17 years old) is showing flashes of serious maturity)!

I’m thankful that I’m healthy, my siblings are healthy, their spouses are healthy, their children are healthy and my spouse is healthy.

I’m thankful for my many friends that are dear to me and that I am dear to them.

25 11 2010

Beautiful! Teens showing signs of maturity is definitely something to be thankful for. And I’ve always not-so-secretly wanted to be Canadian, so I will try to be happy for you, not jealous 🙂

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