Overheard in Social Work: Revenge of the Eavesdropping

2 12 2010

It was either that or “Overheard Part Deux.”

We’ve been through this before. I find myself hearing and saying things I never thought a human would have a need to say. So let’s get to it.

Overheard in Social Work

“Show me the Carfax!” -7 year old boy pretending to be a dog

“Do not talk about my son’s package!”- 21 year old mother to child’s father, who was talking proudly about his 5 week old son’s genitalia (really)

“I forge my clients’ signatures all the time!”
-co-worker, who was definitely joking.

“Mommy! That’s my butt!” – 2 year old getting a diaper change.

“I need a more detailed description of the apartment.”
-my director
“I included how many bedrooms and where it is. Do you want to know about the drapery? Are you redecorating and looking for ideas?”
-overly snarky, fortunately not fired, SocialJerk

“Can you bring brownies this time? I took the leftover cookies home last Thanksgiving, and they got stale after a week.”
-very presumptuous coworker who doesn’t know how cookies work

“Hey, white girl reading Harry Potter!”
-loud man at the bus stop who doesn’t know how nicknames work

“I think that I got so upset when that girl yelled at me because my mother always yelled at me. That was the only way we communicated.”
-15 year old girl. (Seriously)

Still Never Overheard in Social Work

“I need more passwords. I’ve got one for the computer and three for different programs, but I really feel that we need more security.”

“You know, I really wish my clients weren’t so darn punctual! Can’t they relax a little?”

“It’s just as well that I just missed that bus, now I have time to catch up on my knitting.”

“I’m here to remove your children, the police are waiting downstairs…OMG I’m totes kidding. You should have seen the look on your face!”

“They offered to paint the office, but I think ‘hospital-white’ gives the place a homey feeling.”

Go forth and be nosy, everyone.



7 responses

7 12 2010

“I need more passwords. I’ve got one for the computer and three for different programs, but I really feel that we need more security.”

The problem is each program is owned by a different entity (ACS, OCFS, etc.)that makes its own rules around passwords and access, totally out of your agency’s control. Just defending your agency’s IT guy or gal 🙂

7 12 2010

Nah, I understand the reasoning for the different passwords. I know that no one here has any control over any of them (especially Connections!) Just one of many things that drives me nuts. The problem is that they are all constantly telling me that my password has expired. Which results in me spending twenty minutes trying to recall the correct one, because they all start out the same and then get slightly different.

And I don’t know if you want to defend our IT guy. I’ve never met him. I’m beginning to think he’s a myth… 🙂

8 12 2010

We’ve been complaining about the CNNX passwords for years, especially when they started making them more complicated. I know it’s for security, but when they change that often and require so many criteria (number, symbol, letter, X characters long, not the same as any of the last sixty-six you;ve ever used) what happens is workers write the new passwords down on post-it notes and stick it on the computer. Which kills the whole security concept pretty much, no?

9 12 2010

Passwords, passwords – the guy from IT who resets them now recognises me merely by voice because I call him so much about forgotten passwords. I once asked ‘can’t I just leave the password as ‘password’?’ half-jokily and the IT guy almost seized up with apoplexy 😉
Now I write down my passwords under ‘p’ in my address book. I know, I know..

9 12 2010

My passwords are all the same word followed by different numbers. They all started off with the same number, but all make me change it at different intervals. Then some made me add a symbol as well. I’d say about 20% of my day is spent entering slightly different password variations. When I finally get the right one, I like to throw my hands up and yell, “JACKPOT!” It adds a little something.

10 12 2010

You’re blog just became my new fave – seriously. 🙂

11 12 2010

You just became my favorite person. Thanks for reading!

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