This is what you get for lack of IT.

17 12 2010

All right, loyal readers, friends, Mom. We’re due for an update, but computers are down office-wide. So this is my first ever post coming at you from my phone (hint-it was the Droid I was looking for.) I apologize in advance for any autocorrect errors that might turn participants into presents, or groups into gropes.

But it got me thinking-this is a pretty regular occurrence. What else happens so often in this field that you can pretty much count on it? Add to that the fact that we’ve got our agency Christmas party this afternoon, and I saw only one option-SocialJerk drinking game. (Completely different from ghetto bingo.)

Let’s get crunked up.

  1. Computers go down- take one shot.
  2. Computers go down during the only free time you blocked off for writing notes- take two shots.
  3. Client is late-one shot.
  4. Client shows up at a completely made up time-one shot.
  5. Client is right on time-call me and I’ll take you out for a drink, so you can teach me.
  6. Distressed coworker calls the office for directions, after getting lost on the way to an initial home visit-one shot. If you manage not to laugh at them, treat yourself to a beer.
  7. A public assistance or child protective specialist is rude to you- a shot, plus a beer to share with the cranky worker. Maybe that will help?
  8. A parent or referral source seems to be under the impression that you have magic powers and will “fix” difficult children- a six pack should do the trick
  9. You get a nervous call from your mother, because you forgot she follows you on Twitter and posted about being harassed in a sketchy neighborhood- a bottle of wine, to be split with Mom.
  10. A little kid cracks you up, by saying something hilarious like “I’m the best!” or “I love marine life.”-the joy of a child’s laughter should be enough. If not, take a shot.
  11. You find out you can still be surprised- have a Flaming Dr. Pepper. (This was a SocialJerk college specialty, email me if you need details.)

All right. Computers are back up and running, so it’s time for this Jerk to be on her way. Happy drinking, and try not to slur in your progress notes!



9 responses

17 12 2010

Now I know which drinking game I’ll be playing first with the flask I bought myself for Christmas.

You forgot one though: hit (or get hit by) a deer on your way back from a home visit in a company car – bottle of vodka FTW… But til after u find out if u have to do a drug/alcohol test as part of the incident report.

17 12 2010

OK, first of all, I am way jealous of your flask. I’ve recently decided that it’s the number one thing missing from my life.
Second of all–deer and a company car?? That sounds like a nightmare! Public transit in the Bronx has its drawbacks, but I’m glad that my interactions with wildlife are severely limited.

Hope you and your vodka are recovering well 🙂

17 12 2010

Bus is late – one shot

School secretary is narky – one shot

You spend your entire afternoon showing experienced social workers how to work their computers / do their job – I don’t know, I’ll let you know later tonight

17 12 2010

SocialJerk sings along to the Glee version of “Gold Digger”- buy shots for everyone who has to listen.

20 12 2010

Fos, if you are “under” them on the totem pole (I’m a social worker I, surrounded by social worker III’s) make it two shots!

22 12 2010

Now I feel a bit bad cos I phoned one of my colleagues desperate for directions yesterday 🙂 She did laugh though.. my personal one would be to take a drink every time I have to phone IT to get one of my 5 passwords reset cos I’ve forgotten which one is which..

22 12 2010

Oh, I’ve been the one calling for directions plenty of times. I even once forgot to write the apartment number down and had to call for that. It’s gotten better since I got a phone with GPS…now I just have to do a shot every time I debate whether or not it’s worth it to take it out for directions, and risk being mugged.

I like the password one. I would probably pass out at my desk! (That’s why I like it)

8 01 2011
Meg Shea

This blog is really funny! Go Fairfield U social workers.

Haha i have one: Take one shot if you call a client’s parent and they pretend to be someone else.

9 01 2011

Thank you! And that’s a good one. I don’t know if that’s ever happened to me…though I do have one woman who regularly pretends not to be home when I come to the house. She doesn’t even try to be quiet…it gets rather awkward.

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