What I like about the Bronx (still not the Yankees)

6 01 2011

Things have been a bit heavy around here lately. Poverty, judgment, philosophy…I think it’s time to get happy. There’s still a lot to love and enjoy around here!

SocialJerk hereby presents: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Bronx, part II.

Last time around I explained that most people don’t have the best view of the Bronx. They tend to think of things like this:
A fixer-upper for sure, but there’s probably potential. Somewhere.

Or this:

Look closely to learn who exactly in this NYCHA elevator loves dick!

But the Bronx offers many suprises.

You have a boat. In the Bronx. Ballin...

Yes, that is a baby doll carriage, caught in barbed wire atop a fence at the Bronx Zoo. Perhaps a moment of silence?

A bunny! And a rooster! In one of our many community gardens. How delightful...

Oh no...Mr. Rooster, run for you life!

There are helpful hints to be found: 

"it is only one way to escape Hell! it's by faith in Jesus Christ period..." I always look to trees for spiritual advice.

 There’s also truth in advertising:

Two Star restaurant. For that adequate person in your life.

That about sums it up.

 But I always come back to what always strikes me about the Bronx, and about my clients. Resourcefulness. It is one of their greatest strengths. As much as we joke, it is amazing to see what some people create from so little.

Basketball? I got next!

Yes, that's someone's car. What's the over/under on how many times a day he has to explain to irate pedestrians that he will not be picking them up?

The bed frame should do to keep this tree safe...

Bed frame said back away from the tree!

We’ve also got art, if only you know where to look:

There's no real reason for it, but I love it.

Murals left and right

Wow. If you're going to do graffiti, do it right.

This sculpture is on the sidewalk, for no discernible reason. Take my word for it, the woman is grabbing the man's butt.

 So yes, I complain. But I also love these people, and this place. Be sure to look out in Time Out NY for my SocialJerk walking tours (half price after dark!)




2 responses

7 01 2011
F. P. Smearcase

I walked across the bridge on 181st or 179th or whatever into the Bronx once, thinking: I’ll explore the Bronx! It didn’t last very long. I probably needed a more specific agenda. My only other real forays into the Bronx were 1) walking across into what I think is Marble Hill to catch the train up the Hudson and 2) going to Target once. Oh but also I took the bus across the middle of it once in a snowstorm to go to a really horrific state facility and meet a client who turned out not to be there. On the bright side, I got to ride the 6 back into town in the service of my idiotic project of riding as many subway lines to both ends as possible. The End.

7 01 2011

Before I started working here, I had only been to the Bronx to go to the zoo, and for a couple of Mets games. It always seemed very foreign to me, growing up in Brooklyn. (That probably sounds ridiculous, but people from the boroghs know what I mean!) This place definitely has a lot of character.

I do adore those days of insane travel (that was my sarcastic voice.) I had one day of work in which I woke up in Manhattan, came to the office in the Bronx, had a DOE meeting in Brooklyn, and did a transfer session with a client who had just moved to Staten Island. I was tempted to make an unnecessary trip to Queens, just to complete the set.

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