I refuse to believe that TV rots my brian

18 04 2011

Home visits, as we’ve learned from this blog and others, are full of opportunity. Opportunity to learn how the family functions in their natural habitat, to see how they interact when not in a stuffy office, and to get a better sense of how they live.

They are also an opportunity for social workers to embarrass themselves, fail at counseling, and suffer awkward moments.

Often, television is a part of this.

I’m not one of those people who claims to not watch television, or thinks all TV is mind-numbing. Some of it is (that’s the point) but some of it is great. Dexter? Modern Family? Glee? 

Sexy serial killers, blended families, high school rejects who sing…we’re not going to analyze my choices today.

Point is, I’ve always liked TV. I wish I had time to watch more of it. Home visits often give me occasion to do this. Personally, I would find it to be socially awkward if someone came to visit me and my imaginary children, perhaps with a prepared list of topics to discuss, and I couldn’t be bothered to turn the TV off.

I once had a woman turn the volume up. I kind of had to respect that.

Never one to let an opportunity for assessment slip by, I try to take what I can from what people choose to do, in terms of television viewing, when I’m visiting. If they leave it on and only focus on me during commercials, I assume I’m not high on their list of priorities. If they’re so absorbed in Snookie’s latest drama that they don’t notice their two year old trying to cook pasta, it might be time to place a phone call to the hotline.

What they choose to watch is also, always interesting. As I’ve mentioned previously, I love children’s television. And the number one show is always Yo Gabba Gabba. One of my young moms often has it on when I visit, to distract her two toddlers so we can talk.

But what keeps us from getting distracted?

“OK, so you received the eviction notice…is that Jack Black?”
“Yes, I think I can get emergency housing because of the DV history…oh, wait SocialJerk, I love when the kids do, ‘I like to dance!'”
“Right, so we’ve got a back up plan, and…I’m sorry, the orange guy makes me nervous.”

Another time, I was visiting a single mother and her teenage son. Naturally, the Tyra Banks Show was on.

The topic? “Women with two vaginas!”

That’s right. Not only is this a thing, but a former model, who now hosts a reality show in which skinny girls fight one another in a house wallpapered with photos of said former model, was able to assemble an entire panel. An entire panel of women with two vaginas. An entire panel of women with two vaginas willing to discuss this on daytime television.

No wonder that woman won an Emmy.

“So your son’s attendance has improved.”
“Yeah, he’s doing well, but…women with two vaginas? That’s what they’re talking about?!”
“Yeah, that’s interesting. Back to your son…”
“Oh no, we missed it! You need to Google this when you get back to the office! Unbelievable.”
“I don’t think I should Google ‘two vaginas Tyra Banks’ from my work computer.”

At least those scenarios were brief.

A few months back, I did an emergency visit at 7:30 at night. A mother I work with had just been reported for neglect. I went to the apartment she was staying in with her sister, to meet with her and the new ACS worker.

My client said she was on her way home with her children. She called a couple of times to confirm. This is why we waited.

Me, an ACS worker I had never met, and a client’s angry sister. For an hour.

My client’s angry sister allowed us to wait in the apartment. She had a right to be angry. Her sister’s vindictive ex had called in an unnecessary case against her as well. So while she was nice enough to allow us to wait, she wasn’t going to chat with us.

OK. That’s fine. So she turned on the TV.

To Gigli.

Has anyone else ever seen that? Some probably feel like they have, after hearing about it being the worst film of all time so much. That movie destroyed lives and careers. But I don’t think many people are actually familiar with it.

First of all, it’s pretty deserving of its reputation. It’s a giant pile of shit. Jennifer Lopez plays a lesbian who ends up sleeping with Ben Affleck. Hey, Ben Affleck, maybe do one movie where lesbians can resist you, OK?

There’s something about them kidnapping an autistic kid, and the mafia, and blah blah mind-numbing blah.

But the real emotional weight of the film is carried by J.Lo, when she does yoga and tells Ben Affleck why she loves vagina so darn much.

That’s almost a direct quote. She goes into detail. And she uses the word “pussy” quite liberally.

Did I mention that I was sitting with an ACS worker and a client’s sister, two virtual strangers? For an hour? The only thing that broke the awkward silence was my occasional, “Well, perhaps we should try calling your sister again. Wherever could she be?”

I talk like a grandma when I’m nervous. “Heavens to Betsy, let’s move along before this former Fly Girl recites another ode to oral pleasure!”

So yeah. TV is fun. It’s good in moderation, and when it’s thoughtful and well-done. But there is a time and a place for everything.

Except for Gigli. Never Gigli.




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18 04 2011

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18 04 2011

I can usually ignore the T.V. during home visits but for some reason when Jersey Shore is on I can’t pay attention to anything the clients say.

I started reading when you had the entry with the figurines you use during case conferences? (hilarious) and I’ve been hooked ever since. Keep up the good work!

19 04 2011

Not too long ago, a four year old told me that she named her puppy “Snookie.” I was a little horrified.

Thanks so much for reading! Those creepy therapeutic figurines almost write their own storylines…I think they come to life when we all go home.

19 04 2011

you sound like a sister from another mother. (about the 3rd time i’ve used that phrase today).

I love Glee and Modern Family, and can hold simultaneous conversations, although according to my partner, sometimes i just stop mid sentence and resume it during the ads. drives her crazy

19 04 2011

Glee and Modern Family bring my apartment together like nothing else. I cannot abide talking during musical numbers.

19 04 2011
social overworker

We have a show here with “Mr Tumble”. He does sign language. If it’s on during a home visit I HAVE to watch.

Some people I visit just lump their baby in front of the massive LCD screen & put loud kids shows on. Then wonder why they can’t settle for their nap! Bizarre…

If it’s too loud I ask them to turn it down. Though we work with different segments of society I think. 🙂

Start taking your own DVDs along…

19 04 2011

Mr. Tumble, eh? Sounds intriguing. All I really know of British children’s television is from Simon Amstell saying that Blue Peter turned him on to glue. That was enough for me 🙂

I love when parents have their babies and toddlers watch these crazy high energy shows with bright colors and flashing lights, and then get all perturbed when the kid runs around like a maniac. I just want them all to watch Sesame Street! Or Free to Be…You and Me. But I don’t know that those will catch on.

20 04 2011

I often defend my tv watching to those who say “Oh, I hardly watch television, except for the occasional *……………..* show” (fill in the blank with some heady, eurodite intellectual type show) by saying that I get lots of reality at work (children’s hospital) and I seriously need unreality at home to turn my brain off. It is one form of stress relief and helps me to get to sleep (another form of stress relief). And believe me when I say that the reality shows I watch (project runway, tabitha’s salon takeover, etc.) are really escapist shows from my reality.

1 05 2011

As an aspiring social working who is working on getting his B.A, I enjoy reading your posts. Really hoping that this will give me some insight on the profession. I must say that I don’t like J-Lo that much, but since I’m a Puerto Rican, I cannot utter those thoughts out loud. Lest I get an angry mob hellbent on finding and torturing me to death.

4 05 2011

Thanks so much! I try hard to keep it real in my posts, so I hope they give you a pretty realistic picture.

J.Lo…ugh. Mediocre all around, is all I can say. I’ll be going, now, the Bronx villagers are outside with pitchforks.

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