Hot for social work

25 04 2011

When my cousin started law school, she informed me of a helpful new term: “hot for law school.” Once I stopped singing inappropriate Van Halen lyrics, she explained to me what it actually meant. Apparently, many law schools have many more female students than male. As such, guys who did not get much action as undergraduates suddenly find themselves to be rock stars. (“That guy is kind of hot…for law school.”)

In social work, this phenomenon borders on dangerous. It’s a female dominated field. Men in this profession are few and far between. Those that are around tend to either look like everyone’s dad, or also lament the lack of available men.

Back in Dr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium social work school, this was rather pronounced. During a group project meeting, two other young women and I decided to tick off the straight men in our year. We came up with three. One was insufferably pompous and brought up the military-industrial complex in class at least twice a week. One worked full time in addition to attending school, and lived on Five Hour Energies, Red Bull, and napped whenever his eyes closed. The final one was, I believe, a myth.

Getting out into the trenches, it’s pretty much the same thing. There are days when there is scarcely a man in this office. Clients are included in this. Fathers are not nearly as present as mothers. A majority of people who receive services here are single mothers. We’ve had one single father in my time here.

So things can get a little crazy when guys show up. It’s like attending single sex high school. It’s great for your focus during the day, and you don’t have to brush your hair, but watch out if they hire a young, mildly attractive AP english teacher. (I mean, for example.)

I suspect that our receptionist was sabatoging mouse traps and leaving cookies out, because the exterminator was kind of cute.

Things really got out of hand when we had a young, attractive (objectively speaking), man transferred to our office to help clients with benefits. He didn’t do it for me. I thought he was kind of annoying and a little full of himself, But I was in the minority. Actually, I was the minority.

Female workers seen lingering too long at his desk were automatically assumed of plotting to carry on an illicit affair. Some might have been, I don’t know. Female clients could barely function.

I had to have a decidedly awkward conversation with a 17 year old girl, after she apparently decided to pounce, while her mother and I were in session. By the time I was done meeting with the mom, Male Office Hottie had taken refuge in my supervisor’s office. Apparently, this girl had been sitting on his desk, giggling, and stopping just short of jumping in the man’s lap. (But only just.)

Another client, a 42 year old mother who was facing sanctions on her public assistance case, refused to meet with this man. Why, I asked? Public assistance, this is his area of expertise! He can go with you to your appointment, and guide you through this drawn out, complicated process!

“Him? I can’t talk to him. He’s too sexy.”


Eventually Señor Hotpants had to be let go. Not for excessive sexiness, but because of lost funding. Many took a brief time for mourning. (Once again, not me. He’s. Not. That. Hot.) But I think we’ve moved on, as an office. I hope we’ve learned and matured from the experience.

At least we still have the exterminator.



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25 04 2011

UPS delivery guy was our regular dose of hottness in my last office – the secretary was constantly trying to set one of us with him… hilarious!

Just the other day, I was riding in agency van with 3 other supervisors and we did a run down of cute-rating for all the guys in our office. I am in a pretty big office now (around 70 caseworkers) so we have about 7 guys total. One is gay, another is debatable. The discussion over the remaining five was HEATED. In reality – none are that cute… but they’ll do by social work standards!

26 04 2011

It’s just nice to be entertained sometimes, haha.

25 04 2011

Loved this post. Couldn’t agree more regarding the women to men ratio. We only have 2 men on our team. One is gay and the other is old! Not that I am looking for a man. I already have one but where are all the hot male social workers????? A bit of eye candy in work would be nice and help make a crappy day less crappy. Well I think so anyway!

26 04 2011

Your office sounds like mine. When you’re stuck in an office typing depressing notes, you need something to keep you going. Fortunately one of my coworkers usually has 1980s divas on blast, so that’s something. Maybe you can try it? 🙂

It drives me a bit crazy because it would be so beneficial to our clients to have male workers at times–we want to start a group for teen boys, and one for fathers, and having a man run those groups would be really powerful. (And, you know, if he’s cute, why not?)

25 04 2011

This is interesting, and it was fun to read. Thank you. A few notes: (a) attractiveness is subjective; (b) attractiveness is contingent on personality (at least for me and SocialJerk); (c) not being able to work with/be around someone you think is attractive seems ridiculous, although, on the flip side, there are some very unattractive people (regarding looks and personality) in my office I avoid at all costs; and (d) don’t us hard-working, dedicated women have better things to think about (like where to get the next chocolate fix or planning girls night out—or perhaps this view lies on the seemingly city-wide lack of attractive men)?

26 04 2011

a) Definitely b) 100% (There have been times when I’ve felt like I’m watching the attractiveness drain from a person as I get to know them) c) That particular situation was ridiculous. I was like, ma’am, you have two kids and you’ve already filled me in, against my will, about your friend with benefits. Stop playing the blushing virgin so this guy can help you keep your benefits! d) Most of the time…

25 04 2011

clients with benefits……. is that the same as friends with benefits, only unprofessional and illegal???

i’m a dyke, but I like male eye candy too lol.

26 04 2011

Help clients with benefits = assist clients with public assistance, fair hearings, insurance, etc. NOT hook up with clients casually, haha.

And eye candy is eye candy, limiting oneself is just silly 🙂

26 04 2011

In a group of about 50 social workers, we have two males. (We used to have three, but one moved to another province and was replaced by a woman). We are lucky enough to have one of them be hot enough for any type of office you would care to name! Happily married, gorgeous wife and two adorable children (strangely enough given their parents’ looks — where do the odds come in). But a giant advantage to the social staff meetings, etc. The other one, is cute (again happily married etc etc etc) in a sponge-bob square pants way. And both are willing to put up with the silliness with the (Insert collective noun here) of female social workers that frequent the hospital.

1 05 2011

Sounds like you guys are not doing too bad! It’s never easy to be the only anything (man, woman, whatever) in a group. I think the guys in my office handle it pretty well…aside from my director.

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